Monday, 19 November 2012

The 'Saws at 2720TV

This is my orc team at one of its strongest ever lineups. Some people say it is broken, but it isn't; the volume of skills more than makes up for most inducements. Almost every game I failed to win with the team in this shape came down to basic error, because the skills usually overcame any bad dice.

1Pantheon4527-av, -av98027053621780k (80+150k)
Black Orc Blocker+ST, Mighty Blow, Block, Break Tackle, Tackle, Frenzy
2Thor4429570402748680k (80+120k)
Black Orc BlockerMighty Blow, Block, Jump Up, Diving Tackle, Tackle
3Trident44298010111080k (80+20k)
Black Orc BlockerMighty Blow
4 Quattro4429123021561318580k (80+140k)
Black Orc BlockerMighty Blow, Jump Up, Block, Diving Tackle, Tackle, Grab
5Wolf6338-av1204151131314280k (80+110k)
BlitzerBlock, Guard, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Stand Firm
6Scorcha633985217130413580k (80+120k)
BlitzerBlock, Frenzy, Juggernaut, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Side Step
7Coldhawk6339262120135580k (80+100k)
BlitzerBlock, Guard, Dodge, Side Step, Fend
8The General63399080102680k (80+50k)
BlitzerBlock, Mighty Blow, Dodge
9Silo53385600011170k (70+30k)
ThrowerSure Hands, Pass, Strong Arm
10Scrimmage5349983711011411250k (50+120k)
Lineman+AG, Block, Fend, Strip Ball, Tackle
12Deuces53391373101126850k (50+100k)
LinemanDirty Player, Block, Guard, Dodge
13Coldrock5339900000050k (50+0k)
14Sesame5319-ag, -ag71020243050k (50+40k)
LinemanBlock, Fend
15Hothammer534918000231950k (50+60k)
LinemanWrestle, +AG
16Project Isle72377403101813540k (40+130k)
GoblinDodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, +MA, Block, Catch, Side Step, Sure Hands
Team Name:Chainsaw Re-Rolls (120k):4
Race:Orc Fan Factor:13
Team Value:2720k Assistant Coaches:1
Treasury:0 Cheerleaders:0
Coach:Chainsaw Apothecary:Yes
Tournament Weight:2720k Team Wizard:No

Games Played:376 (165/78/133) |TD Diff:87 (531 - 444) |Cas Diff:232 (513/365/164 - 433/258/119)
Last Opponent: Splash!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Prepare to be blitzed!

Added a basics crash course

Explaining Blood Bowl is a lengthy proposition, it is not overly simple.

This basics guide is an attempt to condense the essence of the gameplay into something that can be read and understood fairly casually, allowing a player to have a grip on the critical aspects of play whilst they worry about learning the details later.

You can find the basics guide by clicking on "Basics" in the top navigation bar.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Skills cheat sheet added!

Tired of digging through the CRP to look up what that skill modifier is?  Me too, so I've put together a cheat sheet.  Condensed descriptions of every skill, ready for reference-at-a-glance.

You can find the skill cheat sheet by clicking on "Skills" in the top navigation bar.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

From the dugout

This will be a place for articles on Blood Bowl, especially the FUMBBL community.

It will also be the new home to my revamped fluff for the 'Saws, which will allow me to be both more expansive and to include easier to find/navigate bios for players.